We have limited parking at the club and there are a number of parking restrictions in the local area, so please share transport whenever possible. The following advice on parking is given in good faith and is for your guidance only, for which Reading Bowling Club does not accept any contractual or other legal liability - check the signs yourself before parking.

Monday to Sunday before 5.30pm

1) On our car park.
2) Parking bays with pay by the hour meters Kendrick Road.

Monday to Sunday after 5.30pm

1) On our car park.
2) In Kendrick Road parking bays free after 5.30.
3) On all the single yellow lines in Morgan Road.
4) Up the hill 1st left Allcroft Road, right side where there are no lines.

DO NOT park on the residents bays in Morgan Road at any time. Bowlers have been fined in the past for doing this!

DO NOT park a few minutes early, that's when they'll catch you out!